Verso Skin Spa



FACIAL:   $55.00 (45 minutes to 1 hour)

    Relax and enjoy while we pamper you!!  During this appointment we will cleanse, exfoliate (using mechanical brush), massage and apply a cooling mask.  You will receive a hand and arm massage during the masks sitting time.  Facials are very good for your skin and should be done at least once a month.

BACKIAL:  $65.00  (1 hour)

    This procedure is basically a facial for your back.  It is very good for keeping acne at bay.

ULTIMATE FACIAL:  $70.00 (1 hour)

     During this procedure you will experience all of the latest technology in skin care.  We will cleanse, open pores using Galvanic Electricity, steam, exfoliate (using mechanical brush), facial massage, apply cooling mask and use high-frequency diode to kill bacteria, tone, moisturize and protect with SPF50.  This procedure is an excellent choice if you are batteling acne.

MICRODERMABRASION:  $75.00/per unit (a unit is face/neck, arms, legs, hands)  (35-40 minutes)

     This procedure uses crystals (corundum) to exfoliate the skin and removes 3 layers of dead skin cells at a treatment.  It is considered a progressive treatment and results should be seen within 4-12 treatments.  It is used to remove sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and age-spots.  Once skin is at the result intended, maintenance is required monthly to obtain results, which is why we offer a package price for 4 Microdermabrasion appointments.  4 tmts= $270.00 

CHEMICAL PEEL:  $30.00  (20 minutes)
      During a chemical peel face will be cleansed, chemical peel applied (20% Glycolic Acid), toned, moisturized and protected with SPF50.

This procedure removes a single layer of dead skin cells at a treatment.  Great for that dull complexion.

Designer Peels by Image Skincare:   $30 + $10 add'l for "add-on enhancers"  (20+ minutes)

     There are 8 different peel/lift choices:

          Ormedic Lift:  Benefitting- Unbalance, irritated and sensitive skin 

          Signature Lift:  Benefitting- Redness-prone, dry/dehydrated, smoker's skin, tired/dull, post-micro, oily/acne

          Lightening Lift:  Benefitting- Pigmentation, aging, dry/dehydrated, uneven skin tone, age spots, redness prone

          Wrinkle Lift:  Benefitting- Aging, wrinkles, rough complexion, uneven skin tone, smoker's skin, tired/dull skin, oily/acne

          Acne Lift:  Benefitting- Acne, oily, acne-prone, aging

          Beta Lift:  Benefitting- Acne, oily, aging

          Perfection Lift:  Benefitting- Advanced aging, pigmentation, acne (pkg of 4 tmts= $270.00 w/enhancers)

          O2 Lift:  Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cell technology, peptides and concentrated enzymatic botanicals, O2 lift 

                        delivers a premium spa experience with immediate results.  In this 5-step procedure, you will have luminous skin

                         that feels as healthy as it is radiant!!  $75 


    Hyaluronic Acid: Dry/dehydrated, aging, loss of volume

    Retinol:  Wrinkles, pigmentation, aging

    Vitamin C:  Redness, inflammation, dry/dehydrated, aging

    Kojic Acid:  Pigmentation, sun damaged, uneven skin tone

    Anti-oxidant:  Irritated, unbalanced, post-treatment skin

    Stem Cell:  Aging, wrinkles, photoaging

IPL:   $75/ per 15 minute 

​IPL is short for intense pulse light, a popular treatment that treats broken capillaries ("spider veins"), hyperpigmentation ("age spots") caused by age and sun damage, hair removal and fine lines and wrinkles.  IPL also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which plumps up the skin and gives you a fresher look.  (best results are achieved when done in a series of 2-4 treatments/3-4 weeks apart)

SHR- "pain-free" Hair Removal

​SHR is a unique technology that gently heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents

re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. (4-8 treatments necessary with 6mo-1yr maintenance)

             Face=                  $50/tmt

             Armpits=              $50/tmt

             Bikini=                  $40/tmt

             Brazillian=            $100/tmt

             1/2 Leg=               $50/ea/tmt

             Full Leg=             $100/ea/tmt

             Back=                  $100+/tmt

​             Chest=                 $100+/tmt

BODY SCULPTING:   $50-$150/per area/per treatment   (30-45 minutes)
     What is body sculpting???  
​It is a non-invasive body contouring.  It is NOT for weight loss!!  It helps to lose inches on the body.  We use Radio Frequency for Circumference Reduction.  RF can be used on any skin type and on all body areas.  RF Circumference Reduction produces heat, causing fat cell damage.  Best results include diet and exercise to help flush your system.  Result vary based on the BMI chart.  We recommend 3 treatments 1 week apart for optimum results.  (some clients may need more treatments depending on their BMI).



WAXING                                                                       ADD-ONS (w/facial or micro)

Eyebrows             $12.00                                                                Glycolic Chemical Peel      $20.00

                                                                                                        Desinger Peels                  $30.00 + $10/enhancers